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we've been busy building community rather than building this website.

The nature of facilitation means that we help people collectively design and do their work. We do not own the work, we inspire the work. 


Nicole was a fantastic facilitator and has such a skill to be able to evoke multiple voices and energize colleagues about the work. Nicole is extremely organized and fully prepared us ahead of time for each monthly meeting, where she would lead structured activities that helped us work towards our goals. Nicole provided direction, guidance, technical support, and a safe space for professionals from multiple disciplines to come together to discuss issues related to services and justice for victims. Thanks Nicole for making each of us feel welcome and heard, and for your energetic and inclusive leadership.

Chloe Vraney

Aurora Center for Education and Advocacy

Nicole's facilitation... allowed me to bear witness to what makes Nicole shine: an unwavering ability to get people to focus on the real issues, willingness to ask tough questions, and ability to knit together professionals who have historically had challenged relationships. I won't ever forget the optimism that Nicole's work instilled in me. I hope I have the opportunity to work alongside her again

Stephanie Dutenhafer

Hennepin Assault Response Team at Hennepin Health

Nicole is one of the most passionate professionals I have met... I am still in awe by how easily she facilitates any group full of professionals from various backgrounds (advocates, attorney, law enforcement, and more). Her great facilitation skills may be due to her strong ability to communicate with any group, her open-mindedness, her amazing active listening skills, her ability to remain neutral, and her organizational skills.

Scarlett Gonzalez Mejia

Dominican Haitian cultural center 

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